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Above & Below Adventure Company

The Above & Below Adventure Company, which has been operating commercially since 1981, firstly as an adventure Company conducting activities throughout Australia and South East Asia with the development of a tourism climbing area in Sarawak, Northern Borneo. The organisation's principal Assessor, John Norman, has been providing Outdoor Recreation services since 1976 including 5 years training and leading Outdoor Recreation programs for the NSW State Government.

The Director, has extensive experience within the Business Management environment, since 1986 with extensive knowledge of 'system analysis' and organisational procedures. This involved sourcing, test and the implementation of various computer software systems to suit individual client needs and requirements.

From 1994 until 2009, in addition to training and assessment for people within the outdoor recreation sector, the Director opened and operated an indoor climbing facility in Sydney NSW, also coordinating and running National and International climbing competitions in Australia, USA, and Asia.

During this time there was considerable development of the first National Training Package, in which we were actively involved with the process and industry workshops. 1999 became the year that the development of the training Package was Endorsed by ANTA (Australian National Training Authority).

The Growing Years:

1999, Above & Below Adventure Company became a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) endorsed to deliver Training and Assessment in the field of Outdoor Recreation and Sport & recreation throughout Australia and has been doing so since the inception of the Training Package SRO99 and its revisions.

2000, Adventure Resources And Promotion Services (ARAPS). With the implementation of the Training Package there was the need for the development of appropriate Learning and Training Resources for the sector of Outdoor Recreation and Sport & Recreation. ARAPS took up the challenge to develop much needed resources for the sector and those wishing to deliver these Nationally Recognised Qualifications. ARAPS has also undertake on extensive project work in the area of "Sport" development and sport recognition in conjunction with the Australian Sport Commission for the recognition of Competitions, Coaching and Officiating for Sport Climbing within Australia.

2009, E-Cademy Solutions began developing an Electronic Learning Delivery platform which was launched in May 2010 for students to undertake the "Theory" units of competency components of their course via the internet - anywhere at any time of the day or night giving flexibility for people to study when it suits them but still within a timeframe allocated to the Course. This still required a face-to-face practical component associated with the activities selected, but reduces the time allocated in classroom attendance by the student allowing greater flexibility.

The E-Cademy Solutions Delivery Platform is now used by numerous Training Organisations to deliver quality training and assessment strategies in a flexible manner where demands upon time are paramount.  Industry sectors utilise the Delivery Platform for their 'Induction" of staff, this allows them flexibility and excellent time management in this ever dynamic world in which we live.

2010, The E-Log Equipment Management System was implemented by our Senior IT Development Officer, John Best. He joined our organisation in 2009 after working full time since 1983 as a computer programmer, systems designer, system analyst and business analyst in the retail printing and automotive industries.

E-Log for Recreation has been performing excellently for those who have been utilising this product over the past few years, since its launch. In addition E-Log for Industrial and Campsite Facilities was launched in August 2011 specifically for the Industrial sectors to ensure the tracking, logging and other specification necessary to manage compliance.  

2012 has seen the development of E-Log Commercial to meet the growing needs for organisations to assist them meet the WHS Act 2011.(Work Health Safety, Australia).

Where we're going:

In order to ensure the continued dynamic development of our Electronic Management Systems and to guarantee long-term corporate success for our clients, we participate in shaping the changes in industry markets and technologies. By doing so, we provide our customers with innovative solutions that will grow within the technology driven society that we embrace. With quality training and assessment strategies for our Registered Training Organisation and the development of Sector Specific Leaner and Trainer resources  we will embrace the 21st century and all of our futures.

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We are Australia's premier provider of Nationally Recognised Outdoor Recreation, Sport and Recreation courses ranging from Certificate II to Diploma level. All our courses are avaialble for immediate start - no waiting for intake dates.

Looking for a short course or a specific skill? We have avaialble a broad range of Nationally Recognised Industry skill set courses aimed at a particular activity or skill set and a large variety of professional development courses to suit all levels.

We use an online learning platform that is simple and easy to use, this provides a flexible learning environment that can easily fit around your busy schedule and our face-to-face training is structured to allow students to select dates that suit their needs.

At Outdoor Training College:

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